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Wrong Fuel Assistance

Immediate Wrong Fuel Assistance

HMM Fuel Tech Automotive Services & Towing are the primary providers of forecourt and roadside wrong fuel assistance in the Waikato area.

What to do when your put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car then DO NOT attempt to start the engine as this can contaminate your whole fuel system and cause major damage.

Instead, call us for immediate assistance. Your fuel tank needs to be drained before you drive the car.
We can come to you and siphon the wrong fuel from your car's tank, allowing you to refill.

Fuel Tech Automotive Services & Towing has been in the roadside assistance and wrong fuel extraction in the Waikato region for the last 15 years and comes with a vast experience of experience with all makes and models.

We can help if you put the wrong fuel in your car or vehicle:

  • Petrol instead of Diesel
  • Diesel instead of Petrol
  • AdBlue in a Diesel Tank

We also recover vehicles to the workshop for major repairs and those vehicles requiring fuel tank removals for fuel extraction.

Petrol instead of Diesel - Diesel instead of Petrol

Immediate Wrong Fuel Assistance

Driving or even just starting your car with the wrong fuel can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. Starting a Diesel engine with AdBlue in the Diesel Tank will cause serius engine damage. By calling us immediately we can minimise the damage and reduce the costs involved in the repair. If you have driven with the wrong fuel in your vehicle then we can come to you, assess the damage and complete the necessary repairs.

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AdBlue in a Diesel Tank Immediate Wrong Fuel Assistance

Client Review

"Thank you to Fuel Tech Automotive
These guys are trustworthy and offer reasonable prices no nasty surprises at payment they are happy to explain what is being done as they come to you. I called Fuel Tech after my car broke down just out of Cambridge on my way to Tauranga after searching on line for a good and honest Mobile Mechanic I am glad that I found Fuel Tech Automotive unlike their competitors appalling reviews a friend of mine had used Fuel Tech before and swore that they were good and trustworthy so I gave them a go and never ever have I walked away from a Mobile Mechanic with such Satisfaction in and in quality service I would highly recommend Fuel Tech to any one with car problems and brake downs"

Gordon Morris