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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Why get a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

  • Minimise your risk
  • Don't jeopardise your safety
  • Don't purchase someone else's problem
  • Negotiate with fair, independent, credible information
  • We can spot what you can't
  • Buying a vehicle is not something you do everyday and that you want to get right

Contact us now on for a pre-purchase quote!

We carry out a thorough bumper to bumper visual inspection of the vehicle and use our knowledge along with specialist diagnostic equipment to provide you an independent assessment of the vehicles condition.

While we can't guarantee that you will never have a problem with a vehicle we've inspected with our industry knowledge we know what to look for.

What we can do is minimise your risk and identify those faults existing at the time of the inspection.

Please note - an inspection will not identify all mechanical faults.

Our inspection does not replace the need for regular vehicle maintenance.
Mechanical components do wear out and items can fail unexpectedly without prior warning e.g. Cam belt, headlights, water pump.